Touchline Coats Fleece Lined

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Colourful and stylish touchline coats

The Teejac range of touchline coats has much to offer both sports leaders and spectators, helping them to stay dry in any situation. As the perfect blend of form and function, you could even enjoy them in plenty of colour options – such as green, yellow, red, and maroon. This allows you to maintain a strong sense of style, no matter the weather. The overall design of these touchline coats is also eye-catching but never distracting – this is a great balance for any sport, as you never want to draw people’s focus away from the players.

Custom coat options

These coats also boast a limited amount of customisation that allows you to represent the club and everything it stands for. This includes an ample amount of space on the coat’s front and back to proudly show your team’s name and logo. With a Teejac touchline coat, you could cheer your team on in new ways, while staying fully dry in the process. On top of this, you can include the club’s sponsors along the coat’s shoulders. Both professional and amateur sports teams may benefit from the prestige of a heavy-duty touchline coat and the unique style it offers.

Durable and breathable design

In addition to the waterproof polyester outer shell, these touchline coats are a remarkable feat of fashion. The zipped pockets, for example, are fleece-lined internally and externally for added warmth, allowing you to keep your hands and any sensitive belongings safe from the cold. The coat is still lightweight despite the thick lining, which makes it easy to carry by hand if necessary. The timeless style also means it can serve you and your club for years to come – and the durable design similarly guarantees you won’t need to replace it for a long while.